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                         OUR STORY


   Robert and Violet Donaldson ( my grandparents, Judy`s parents) opened our produce business in 1933. They were in 3 city markets in Atlanta for the first 52 years. Our last location was in the Municipal Market where we were there for 41 years. This is where I grew up working in the business in the 1960`s until 1995 when We left this location due to an unfavorable new lease. I worked every summer and every Saturday until I got out of school in 1979. I then started working full time and have never stopped. My Mother ( Judy ), worked in the business as a child , and then started again working in the 1980`s. When We found out We would not stay in the market We were in ,We started looking for a new location. After a few months looking for a suitable location , We found our current location on Lavista Road. Until this time We were Robert Donaldson Produce. When We moved to Lavista Road , We changed our name to David`s Produce. Until our new location , We only sold produce. When We moved here, We expanded our business into many other items , including  gourmet foods, plants, homemade cakes, boiled p-nuts, and more recently , cutlery. Although We have many other lines, We are a produce business. We offer the best fruits and vegetables available and We are open year round. I still buy produce from some of the same suppliers We have bought from for as long as 57 years. I bring in the best produce I can find , being a small business , I can find quality fruits and vegetables large chains cannot get. We specialize in Tomatoes. We only sell southern grown tomatoes, usually from Georgia and Florida.  

 Here are some photos from our past and present.