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                 FRUITS & VEGETABLES                             

  We offer many specialty food items, but We are primarily a fruit and vegetable market. We have been in business since 1933 and  We buy from small and large growers through our suppliers. We can bring in the best quality produce year round, with many varieties not found in larger stores. Tomatoes are our specialty and we have the best available all year long, ( we have very good tomatoes in the winter also). Our watermelons are old time seeded melons. They are the best ! Our peaches are South Carolina and are some of the best you will find. We have shelled peas and butterbeans from April until October. We usually have a wide range of fruits and vegetables , including sweet corn, okra, squash, pole beans, Vidalia onions, Mississippi sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, jumbo sweet carrots, cantaloupes, strawberries, blueberries, muscadines, cherries, and much more.